Admin Password Overwrite
Learn how admins can reset users passwords if necessary.
Written by Alex Eriksen
Updated over a week ago

Admins have the ability to overwrite or reset a users password if the user is unable to log in to Teamstack. If a user is locked out (admins can set failed login attempts limits), admins will need to unlock the user account in the user settings of the organization - the admin will also get a task in the Teamstack "Control Panel" to action this. 

Admins can overwrite or reset a users password by going into "Users" -> Selecting the user -> "Profile" -> Reset Password. Here it's possible to completely overwrite the password with a new password and then notify the user, or it's possible to send a "Password Reset" email to the user so that they can reset their password themselves. The "Password Reset" link is valid for 15 minutes. 

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