Public Bookmarks

Learn more about public bookmarks and how to use them.

Written by Alex Eriksen
Updated over a week ago

Public bookmarks are links to websites or web applications (that don't require a login) that Admins and Managers can add to their organization and assign to users and groups. When a user clicks on a bookmark on the Teamstack dashboard, they will be redirected to the website or web application, similar to a web browsers bookmark. 

To add a bookmark, Admins or Managers need to click "Applications" -> "Add Application" -> "Add Bookmark". The website or app's name, URL and logo can be entered to create the bookmark. If no logo is uploaded then, the default Teamstack logo is used. Any added bookmarks that have been assigned to a user or group would appear on the Organization's Application List and Dashboard for the relevant users. 

If a bookmark is deleted, then it is automatically unassigned from the users and groups it was previously assigned to. You can delete the bookmark by finding the bookmark in the "Applications" menu, clicking on it and then pressing "Remove". 

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