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How to Configure Dropbox User Provisioning
How to Configure Dropbox User Provisioning
Learn how to configure Dropbox user provisioning.
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When you enable provisioning for your Dropbox application in Teamstack, every user you assign to the Dropbox app or a group with the Dropbox app will be automatically created, suspended and deleted depending on the user's state in Teamstack.

For Teamstack to be able to handle the user provisioning on your behalf, you have to authorize Teamstack first. After that, you can edit the provisioner settings and define what should happen in detail when a user gets assigned or unassigned to the app or when a user in Teamstack gets suspended.

Set up user provisioning

  1. If you have not created a Dropbox app yet, go ahead and create it on the "Application" page.

  2. Open the application details by clicking on the Dropbox app in your "Organization's Applications"

  3. Click on "Provisioning".

  4. If you have not authorized this app before, you need to click on the "Authorize" button. You will be redirected to the Dropbox website to give Teamstack permission to provision Dropbox users on your behalf. After successful authorization, you will get redirected back to Teamstack, where you can specify the provisioner settings.

  5. Typically, you want a user to get provisioned in Dropbox when the user gets assigned to the Dropbox app in Teamstack, de-provisioned when the user gets unassigned and suspended when the user gets suspended in Teamstack. You have to enable every "action" separately. Every action has settings, which controls how the action behaves in case it gets triggered.

  6. After you have enabled the settings you want, click "Save".

Now that you set up user provisioning, every time you assign a user to this Dropbox app, the provisioner will create a new account in Dropbox for that user. Depending on your settings, the provisioner will also de-provision and suspend Dropbox accounts.


  • If "Silent Provisioning" is disabled during user provisioning, Dropbox will send new accounts a "Welcome E-Mail". Users will need to accept the invite and need to choose a password. If you have not enabled SAML (SSO), users will have to add the password manually in Teamstack to be able to use the browser extension to log in.

  • If the provisioner de-provisions a user account in Dropbox, the user will be recoverable for 7 days. During that time, it is not possible to provision a new user with the same email.

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