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Form Based Applications

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Written by Alex Eriksen
Updated over a week ago

Form Based Applications (FBA) are a type of application that uses credentials (username and password) to authenticate against a service provider. This is the typical flow you are used to when logging into a website. For users to log in to this type of application, the Teamstack browser extension is required. The browser extension will navigate the user to the website of the service provider and will paste in the credentials for the user.

When adding a new application to Teamstack, you can see whether it is a Form Based Application as this would be indicated with "FBA" text beside the "+ Add" button. When adding a Form Based Application, either the Admin or User needs to set up the credentials. If the user is selected to set up credentials, they will receive an email prompting them to set up the credentials. If the Admin sets up the credentials, the user will be able to access the application through Teamstack and the Teamstack Browser Extension

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