Control Panel Guidelines

Find out everything you need to know about the Teamstack Control Panel.

Written by Alex Eriksen
Updated over a week ago

Only "Managers" and "Admins" are able to access the Control Panel in Teamstack, which can be done by clicking on “Control Panel” in the navigation menu at the top of the Teamstack dashboard. 

You are able to access all your account notifications, providing a history of actions relating to your account. The control panel also contains the "Audit Trail" which logs user activity for the entire account. You are able to click on the "All Incidents" button which will show you more in-depth information on each log. You're also able to activate the "Extended Audit Trail Add-On" from this page to access a more detailed audit trail. 

The control panel also contains several "Quick Actions" allowing you to quickly access options to manage users in your Teamstack organization. 

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