Manage Add-ons

Find out how to manage your Teamstack add-ons to get the most out of your subscription.

Written by Alex Eriksen
Updated over a week ago

To manage your Teamstack add-ons, you need to navigate to the top right dropdown menu and select “Organization Settings”, then “Subscription” and then scroll to the bottom to “Add-ons”. To activate an available add-on, click “Activate” below the add-on of your choice. You can deactivate an active add-on by clicking “Deactivate” under the add-on you wish to deactivate. If you deactivate an add-on, it remains active until the end of your billing term and then gets deactivated. If you downgrade to the free plan, you will automatically lose any add-ons that you have activated. 

Custom Multi-Factor Authentication

With Custom Multi-Factor Authentication you can enhance your security by adding multiple layers to the authentication process. You can find the pricing information here

Security Policies

Enhance your login protection by defining policies for users and applications. You can find the pricing information here

Extended Audit

With Extended Audit Trail you can access all organization’s logs with multiple filtering options. Additionally, you can export a file with logs and download it for your archival purposes. You can find the pricing information here

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