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Find out how to manage your subscriptions from your Teamstack dashboard.

Written by Alex Eriksen
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To change your Teamstack subscription, please navigate to the top right dropdown menu and select “Organization Settings” and then “Subscription”. On the following page, you can add payment methods, check your payment history, manage users and upgrade your subscription. You can change the subscription by clicking “Switch To Selected Plan” below the subscription of your choice or by requesting a callback for Enterprise subscriptions.  

Free Plan

The Free Plan includes up to 5 users, 1 SAML application and 4 FBA applications. It’s a great plan for small organizations wanting to try Teamstack for free. 

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan includes up to 25 users, 5 SAML applications and 50 FBA applications. It is ideal for small and medium sized organizations wanting to take advantage of the Teamstack features. You can find the pricing information here

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan includes up to 200 users, 20 SAML applications and 100 FBA applications. It allows medium sized organizations to take full advantage of Teamstack’s identity management features to boost efficiency. You can find the pricing information here

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan includes advanced features providing identity management for large, complex organizations. Contact us to discuss a custom solution that fits your requirements. 

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